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As an attorney licensed to practice law, Robert Pafundi has filled the pages of Safe Stardom and this website with important and valuable information related to the protection and representation of children in entertainment. However, Safe Stardom is still a book and this website is only a written source of information and not an attorney, so with both comes some built in limitations.

Robert Pafundi is licensed to practice law in the State of California, USA, and the laws that he refers to in Safe Stardom and on this website, unless specifically stated, are only applicable in California. Every reader should keep in mind that entertainment related business practices and laws differ greatly from country to country and even from state to state. Also, laws in today’s world change frequently and can be subject to numerous exceptions, so readers should not act or rely on any information in Safe Stardom or on this website without first seeking the advice of an attorney.

Neither Robert Pafundi, as author and/or his publisher guarantee that anyone following the techniques, suggestions, tips, ideas, or strategies in Safe Stardom or this website will successfully resolve any legal issue or entertainment industry matter.

The purpose of Safe Stardom and this website is to educate and entertain. The information in the pages of the book and the writings on this website do not constitute legal advice, nor should it be considered as a substitution for the personalized advice of a lawyer.

Neither Safe Stardom nor this website are intended to create an attorney-client relationship, which can only be created by entering a written retainer agreement signed by all parties.

Safe Stardom and sometimes this website use actual and hypothetical examples that feature parents, children, talent managers, talent agents, producers and other entertainment companies to illustrate certain legal issues. Other than in matters of public record, names have been changed. The use of these names and marks does not imply any approval, sponsorship, or affiliation with the owners or these trademarks. A similar case does not mean identical cases. Often, a small nuance in the facts can change the outcome.

Robert Pafundi nor his publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to anyone with respect to any loss nor damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in Safe Stardom or on this website. Additionally, they shall not be liable for the readers’ misuse of this material. All views expressed in Safe Stardom and on this website are those of Robert Pafundi and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher or anyone he consulted while writing Safe Stardom or adding content or article to this website.

It is Robert Pafundi’s sincere and honest intent that you learn from the pages of Safe Stardom and this website and find great value in the information that follows. If you need clarification or wish to discuss anything related to Safe Stardom or other contents on this website, Robert Pafundi welcomes the opportunity to speak with you.